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>It seems everyone has gone into hibernation.

So busy..so busy..hope to do a game update in a day or two...(I promoise)

>My question for the list members is: How do you handle the wand and staff
>For TWO mana points the staff increases the succes chance of a spell by its
>MEL. For ONE mana point the wand increases the EL of the spell by its EL.
>At least that is what the rules say. (Those rules point to each other to
>the extreme btw.) Now the wand is extremely powerfull and cheap, the staff
>is more expensive and less powerfull. SOmething is not right here.
>Anyone used staffs/wands in their campaign and if so, how?

I have in the past and well we'll...well in a recent game as well :).
But I rarely do enemy users of them if its a user its a player or a high level
The thing is they are powerful as are Mana BAtteries but they can be broken
or destroyed fairly easy.  Then theres having them lost or misplaced.  So a GM
can counter the benefits with that effect.  When you look at other universes
TV to books they aren't that popular.  Most warlocks (like in the movies) use
talismans or such.  I can only name one or two that ever used either including
of course tinker bell :).

Xian had a staff at one point but it would be easilly destroyed and hard to
with time and such so he gave it up.  It can create a crutch type player as
depending on a item rather than his/her own abilities.

Of course I favor the items when the campaign requires it like the players
need a Staff of Dividing to win a session.  Then by all means.  But in most
I downgrade the stuff to a amulet or such.

Personally I prefer a simple war staff over a magic staff :)

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