Proposed Lands Perilous Calandar

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It would make them more dangerous if they could be up and about when EITHER
moon is full and very nasty when both are full.

Say at 100% power when larger moon is full, 75% when smaller, 150% when both
are full.
       -- Burton

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|| > Okay, enough with the dice analysis guys...any comments on
|| the idea as a
|| > whole? :}
|| hehe
|| Ok, here goes: I like the idea of an 'easier' year. I
|| remember playing with
|| calendars that were unlike our solar calendar, but still
|| difficult (like,
|| all months the same length, but with some leftover days at
|| the end). It
|| adds flavour, but really is too much bookkeeping.
|| However, I would guess that different cultures would still
|| use different
|| calendars, one possibility being the one proposed here. Of
|| course, to keep
|| things simple, most would use this one (just like most have the basic
|| GC/SC/CC/BB money system). There could also be different
|| names for the
|| days, depending on the gods worshipped.
|| So, about the two moons.. any ideas about how werewolves
|| would function?
|| Matijs van Zuijlen.

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