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|| Interesting stuff.  Love the names :)  6 days would be 5 
|| weeks for a month interesting
|| change but could handle.  

Thanks.  I tried to come up with a "Salaqi" sounding nameset to give it a
more sea of tears flavor.  
Making months 30 days even allowed for a perfect 360 day year.  Having weeks
of 6 days is close enough to 7 to be easily handled (think of the last day
as a compressed weekend. :}

|| I saw your explanation and guess it is ok.  But to me the 
|| storm and harvest would
|| be reversed simply based on how farmers do things and the 
|| climate but I can
|| understand why you did it :)

Hmm. I could go either way, and I suppose we could reverse the two seasons.
I had "dark" after "storm" since (at least for me in the New England area
(North East United States), January and Feb are usually the coldest months
of the winter.  I figure this is constant, sinc ethe winter solstice is in
december, and the cooldown continues until we hit the longer days.  This is
similar to august being really hot, even though it is AFTER the summer
solstice...there is about a 1-2 month lag.

Granted, we could go with no lag, in which case the "dark" (not cold, since
it is never really cold in the southern sections and around the SoT) would
be right after harvest, and the storm is the "dark" spirits putting up a
fight to retain their position (which makes more sense, I guess).

|| >For people wishing to roll dates (birth date?):
|| >     1d6 for season
|| >         1d2 for month of season
|| >             1d5 for week of month
|| >                1d6 for day of week
||  That gives averages of the middle seasons might use alternative of
|| D12 for month and get a wider range maybe.

In what way?  1d6 is could be at any season with equal chance.
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