MMORPG based on Powers and Perils

David Jackson araborn at HOME.COM
Mon Jun 4 06:15:36 CEST 2001

I hate to disagree here, but MMORPGs have existed for years, for a lot
longer than 5-6 years.  MUDs (multi-user domains) have been around for over
20 years now.  Even thought they are text-based, to me they are just as
atmospheric and fun to play as the graphical ones.   BBS'es had very
limited versions of multi-player games (I used to run a BBS for a long
time), which were still fun (I miss Stellar Empire), but could not attain
the multi-user element that the Internet had back then.

The internet has been around for a long, long time.  It's only become
really popular in the last 10 years or so, hit the mainstream.


>Alot of this is really not new.  In fact gaming like this goes back to 1985.
>The Internet is just
>now getting around to doing it for only the last 5-6 good years.  Not sure if
>any of you have
>heard of such but I run a BBS (Bulletin Board System) and BBSes have had games
>online games aka doors where such universes existed.  Such famous games were
>Land of Devastation and Operation Overkill.  Many of the famous Rpg systems
>do many of the above ideas are like Arrowbridge and Lore.  Its just funny to
>see it
>all go to new levels.  All were multi-player and could be done over the planet
>like today.
>The only difference is that graphics could be a bit more detailed on the 'net
>rather than
>simple say VGA graphics on Bbses...
>Interesting to see the changes...

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