P&P v D&D (long winded)

Paul L. Ming pming at HOME.COM
Sat Jun 2 11:40:34 CEST 2001


> (The following are a series of thought in no particlar
> order regarding P&P, and to a lesser degree, D&D)


> I want to run P&P again, but I am lured to D&D because
> of the following reason:
> Monster variety & awareness (P&P can overcome this)
> Spell variety & awarenss (this one is key)
> Class arangements and abilities (not so key)

    I have an *old* site that still has my "beta" suggestions for converting
between AD&D to P&P. If you're interested, check it out. (I am/was creating
them for a World of Greyhawk campaign I was going to run using the P&P

http://members.nbci.com/denakhan/denslair.html (main site; go to RPG's)

    Hope it is of some use to you. :)


Paul L. Ming
a.k.a. Denakhan...

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