P&P v D&D (long winded)

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Fri Jun 1 23:56:53 CEST 2001

(The following are a series of thought in no particlar
order regarding P&P, and to a lesser degree, D&D)

I have been running and/or playing roleplaying games
since about 1984.  Now, I know there are those out
there that have been around the games longer than
that, but in the scope of roleplaying games (paper,
pencil and dice), I've been around long enough.  I
have done just about every genre there is to play:
fantasy, gothic, modern warfare, and various themed

At the heart of roleplaying is the fantasy genre, so
flexible in styles. There has never been a question
that when it comes to flat out realism,
Rune"Rule"Quest seemed superior.  Unfortunately, it
was difficult to master (at least at the time it was
printed), and never really caught on.  Powers and
Perils seemed like the best mix of realism and
playability.  Dont like the rule: ignore it.  Dont
understand the rule: make it up.

I want to run P&P again, but I am lured to D&D because
of the following reason:

Monster variety & awareness (P&P can overcome this)
Spell variety & awarenss (this one is key)
Class arangements and abilities (not so key)

If only D&D used P&P's combat and experience/expertise
system (which I think is far superior, or more
preferably, P&P used D&D's spell system, I would be on
cloud nine.  Its such a pain in the ass to
create/replicate all the D&D spells.  I also am not
too keen on Law/Chaos/Balance and
Elder/Kotothi/Sidh/Shaman stuff either.  It was good
at first because it was new, but I think it has run
its course.  I am considering a non-aligned sytem
where all spells will be available to everyone, and
there is no alignments.  Not to say there is no
religion, but no Law/Chaos, etc.

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