MMORPG based on Powers and Perils

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Fri Jun 1 18:06:47 CEST 2001

These ideas would be neato keeno -

Have lands, such as "Isles of Clima & Formoria", as part of the world map
in which you can go to. In certain map areas have "law" where you cannot
attack others outright. Have a "legal defense" option where if they do
attack you you can kill or subdue them and bring them before a court or put
them in a jail for a day (full 24hrs REAL WORLD time). In the areas like
Clima you can kill whomever you want, throw anyone in jail (that you can
subdue), etc... That would make world dynamics really neat. Especially
when, if you included options for "expanding" territory through warfare.
You could have "governer" status and that person could set the rules for
their province... now that would be awesome.

You could even include court rules for the province. Give time limit terms
for certain offenses (a life sentence = character death for instance). That
would keep the people in power pretty much in power... I could see the one
badie overlord who has "death" as penalty for any offense... hehe... better
not travel in his region.


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