pdfing the whole thing

Scott Cohan scott_cohan at YAHOO.COM
Tue Dec 4 22:50:06 CET 2001

I have the Main Set, Tower of the Dead, Book of
Tables, Perilous Lands, a scanner, and Adobe Acrobat
5.  But...first I have to find my P&P stuff.  If it's
where I think it is, no problem.  If not, might take a
while to find them.

Scott Cohan

--- Racheljayne
> I have Main set, Tower and combat screens, and a
> scanner, but I have not got
> Acrobat 5 to convert them to pdf.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Guido Buchholz" <motor666 at GMX.NET>
> Subject: Re: pdfing the whole thing
> Hi!
> With Bruce there are 3 people willing to do some
> scanning (That is now
> Bruce, Lyman and myself). I am going to borrow a
> scanner from a friend
> coming weekend (for at least 3weeks). I ´d say that
> we should wait until
> Monday/Tuesday of next week (perhaps another P&P
> fanatic may join the
> pdf-club) and then we can break up the scanning work
> among us. I do not know
> the number of pages of the different books in the
> other supplements (TotD,
> PL, BoT), it would be nice if someone could list up
> the books with their
> number of pages, so that work can be divided evenly.
> (As I am owning right
> now only the main set, I would (must) concentrate on
> the books of the basic
> set.)
> Perhaps someone could give a little briefing what
> progs (Adobe Acrobat?)
> should be used in which way. If someone of the html,
> xml guys wants a
> special format to work with, give word!
> So, Best Wishes,
> Guido

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