pdfing the whole thing

Racheljayne rrrachel at RACHELNKAT.WORLDONLINE.CO.UK
Tue Dec 4 16:08:24 CET 2001

I have Main set, Tower and combat screens, and a scanner, but I have not got
Acrobat 5 to convert them to pdf.

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With Bruce there are 3 people willing to do some scanning (That is now
Bruce, Lyman and myself). I am going to borrow a scanner from a friend
coming weekend (for at least 3weeks). I ´d say that we should wait until
Monday/Tuesday of next week (perhaps another P&P fanatic may join the
pdf-club) and then we can break up the scanning work among us. I do not know
the number of pages of the different books in the other supplements (TotD,
PL, BoT), it would be nice if someone could list up the books with their
number of pages, so that work can be divided evenly. (As I am owning right
now only the main set, I would (must) concentrate on the books of the basic
Perhaps someone could give a little briefing what progs (Adobe Acrobat?)
should be used in which way. If someone of the html, xml guys wants a
special format to work with, give word!

So, Best Wishes,


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