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At 08:31 AM 8/13/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, that was a fast voyage...
>After getting the boat, hiring sailors and such, they proceed to sail down
>into Climan waters. After a quiet trip down (not a single ship or storm
>encounter roll!) they beach on one of the plains Climan islands.  A bit of
>recon, seing how the supposedly "small" island had hundreds of soldiers and
>chaos priests and casters, along with local population, they decide to head
>back to marentia.  A brief encounter on the way back with a Climan Bireme,
>which they managed to defeat due to one player casting a 6d10 fireball at
>the deck and sails (which cooked the deck crew), followed by a bit more work
>on the oars, they decided to leave the crippled ship and went home.

Hehe...sounds a familar situation seeing as it occured in the PBEM :)
But oars burnt?  I mean most oars are VERY VERY strong and sturdy
adn thick a simple fire swaft wouldn't do much damage.  They'd have to 
have a high fire under them for quite some time?

>Sold boat and plan to keep to the land for now. Probably leave the Marentian
>area and head "north" (I would guess they plan to head to Caldo/Djanesborg)

Heh...well head them south west through Bhatmoin and then the Rogizinis for
soem fun....nothi isn't as thrilling ..:)


That's the players for work on things like data for a long time and
they decide not to use it :)

>Well, since my next game is not for 3 weeks, and the next need for ships way
>past that, I have time to work on the ship rules instead of rushing them.
>      -- Burton 

Cool and reading the pbem :)

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