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>Hello All,
>    I'm glad to see that people are still playing P&P. I'm thinking of
>getting back into it, or even rewriting it to correct what I saw as some of
>its flaws.
>    Problems with P&P:
>        Steep learning curve (I have been playing RPGs since 1976 and had
>been writing one with the idea of selling it to Avalon Hill when P&P came
>out...So much for that idea...At first it looked worse than C&S for
>playability. It took me 3 weeks to fully grasp the rules and the elegance
>contained therein.) It is easier to learn with someone to guide you.

 Never had a problem teaching it...especially at conventions where you only
a very short time to even run a good adventure : to new players :)  But I run
26 rpg
systems so I am a bit experienced with knowing how players learn :)

>        Many who aren't comfortable with basic math probably are turned off
>P&P because the math requirement.

Well its time the US get back to learning math rather than depending on
calculators for
everything :)

>        Creatures and characters use different stats (that this is a problem
>takes awhile to figure out).

Different stats?

>        Magic is too powerful, too fast. (I don't mind world shaking magic,
>but I feel it is attained far too quickly in P&P. Not to mention some spells
>are out of whack).

Magic to play is the only hard part for most...since you have to read alot of
text to get
the spells down and learn the system..but otherwise its pretty simple..

>        Not enough support (new scenarios, rules, maps, et cetera).

Well we have the web site :)..but its a business so lack of AH support lack of
support :)

>    Despite these problems it is perhaps the best system using an abstract
>combat system (each attack being the effective result of so many seconds
>worth of attacks and parries). [Note: I think GURPS is the best non-abstract
>system and RuneQuest is the best intermediate system of those I'm familiar


>    I will join the list and perhaps (as time allows) attempt to do a
>rewrite of P&P for the enjoyment of us all. For this any files on P&P would
>be useful, particularly the Book I & II mentioned in the list.

Well post and submit your new stuff to the web site / list :)

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