craeting your own system

John Hendrickson Halstead Savagemarx at CS.COM
Sat Jan 29 04:13:15 CET 2000

I've noticed some talk in the group about creating your own game systems,
even someone designing a P&P II.  I know it's a favorite pasttime of FRPG
fanatics, myself included.  I'm working on one now.  I've borrowed heavily
from P&P, of course.  It my search for new ideas, I've come across some
resources on the Net that have been invaluable.  I'll list some of them
below.  For those of you who have no interest in designing your game, it
doesn't matter, because these same resources can be used to great effect to
spice up you P&P campaign.

Designing A New Magic System (
Gods and Magic (
Guidelines for World Creation (
The 36 Plots (

More on the way if anybody is interested.

If anyone has any similar links, please send them my way!!!


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