On Creation and such spells

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Thu Dec 28 22:34:01 CET 2000

A few gifts for the aspiring adventurer (aka ideas for gifts to create for
"yourself" in the game):

an amulet of wounds (Mel = 2d6, El = d10 (up to 1/2 of the MEL))
  - size would be from dagger to sword and the beauty is that you would
even know how to use the weapon (ELx2 = Weapon EL). Up to WSB + 3 also.
  - while wearing it the character will have a "black arm" starting at the
  - the amulet can be removed fairly easily (unless you're an evil GM and
want to create an Edward Scissorhands type dilemna).

an amulet of water walking
  - water breathing of either or both types can be thrown in (so you can
finally wear that platemail onboard the ship - YEA!).
  - also can be cast with say earth strength for putting schmucks in
slumberland before you toss them overboard.
  - also can be cast to only allow water breathing, ie. no air breathing.
(yes I know this has been done before many many many many times)

an amulet of Pure Casting
  - Purification spell permanently cast on the amulet, granting the
purificaiton benefits to a magic type. Much better than luck for a mage at
(EL+2) * 2.
  - can also be cast with an ANTI-Magic effect to limit them thar
spellcasters (say a MINUS (EL+2)*2 from their rolls, ouchies, we all know
how much 16% (the "max") can affect spellcasting).

an amulet of Invulnerability
  - (EL+1)x5 HP bonus. The genius part of this item is that IF you take
exactly enough to bring it down (ie. you don't actually take damage) it can
be restored the next phase before you get hit (by anything other than
missile fire). As amulets go, this is definately a keeper.
  - optionally you could make a "fake" amulet of invulnerability that is
actually an illusionary device which uses painlessness and personal
illusion to mask damage until the character is dead.

an amulet of Dissolution (self)
  - put it on and all your worries will just melt away...
  - alternately you could have the "midas" touch and anyone/thing you touch
suffers the effects of dissolution.

maybe I should compile a book of items and charge $25 bucks for it... naw,
too TSRish... enjoy the New Years Celebration folks.

-Marcel aka maouse

ps. the maxes listed are for "found" items... if you are a mage you could
one day make these better than can be found (if you know how to abuse the
whole wand/staff thingie (-collect a whole bunch and use them for casting
all the mana, they recharge (daily)). Wouldn't a EL 8 Pure Casting amulet
just be peachy (+20%, and you'll probably be at MEL 12-16 or so, basically
this item raises your MEL by (EL+2) (2% per MEL on the chart) so your
effective MEL would be like 22-26, really cool eh?). And remember you can
combine this with Luck and protection also (hey why not?).

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