On Creation and such spells

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Thu Dec 28 21:44:59 CET 2000

I have recently run into a few questions regarding certain spells in the
game which state they can be "made permanent". One such spell that is kind
of vague is Creation. My questions regarding this spell are:

1. How does one make it a permanent spell? Is it done like fascination?
Permanent magics? (recast and use the rules for the shamanic origin/strange
powers?) Anyone know or have a way they do it?

2. Can one impart only innates into the creature? Or can one allow the
creature to use one spell (or group of spells) as innates (as long as the
mage casting it knows the spell is apparently the limit set in the book).

3. Can Creation be used to "clone" people and/or creatures or is it just
the caster's version of the person? (ie. does it make exact duplicates if
the bonuses permit it to). How smart of a creature can be made (perhaps I
want to make a copy of myself, how smart is the duplicate? - NO SAR

Obvious common sense governs some of this (how many HP would a God have?).
But if I made a Dragon (EL 7+1 * 10 = 80 HP) would he be a dragon or a
creation... what I mean is would he have dragon spell abilities or would he
be limited to only having the "one" ability I gave him. And would he be
unable to breath fire then (if say I gave him "wounds" as an innate
instead). If I was an innate magician I could make a true dragon I would
guess (implant Innate Magician into him so he can cast/learn any spells).

4. And the final question which relates to the 3rd one - How much knowledge
does a created creature have? Do they start as "new creations" and you have
to baby them to get them to do anything... me, as a GM, would of course
want this to be so, as a player, not so much (I would want to be able to
impart any knowledge I had, such as walking/talking/chewing bubble gum and
weilding swords)... cause as a player I'd love to create an EL 80 armorer
to do my armoring work while I study spells... as a GM I would not allow
(even myself) to "just be able to create an EL 80 armorer"...

5. If a recast is used, is this how one keeps their creations in line - do
what I say and I'll make you real... hehehe... SURE I WILL!

6. Can 1/2 size creatures be made with the normal special abilities (or 1/2
of their innates if you get my jist). If I can create a 1/2 size Storm
Giant for instance, and he can use Storm Giant Innates, is this a legal
rule mongering spell? I guess the answer to the original question would be
yes (you can create 1/2 or double size creatures as long as the HP limit

That is about all the questions I can think of regarding this spell, hope
to hear from some of you about this... There are other spells which state
they can be "made permanent" but never explain how. Anyone know of a way
(other than making a amulet with permanent magics).

-Marcel aka maouse

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