Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Wed Dec 6 15:16:44 CET 2000

CD Update:

There won't be much happening this month due to-
1 - Baby boy
2 - Final Exams
3 - More VB Projects
4 - More C++ Projects
5 - Golden onion rings (still on my table from last night - I have to clean)
6 - Days left to do C++ final
7 - Days left to do/study for VB final
8 - People planning trip in January - going on a cruise
9 - is 3 * 3, my birth month times the birth day... lmg...ydgas
10 - Lords a leapin'
11 - Points for a B instead of an A in VB and C++...not going to happen :)
12 - days before I start Christmas shopping

December is turning into a very busy month for me, I hope you all have a
happy holiday season (Enjoy Boxing Day, Hanukah, Christmas, the winter
solstice, or whatever other holiday you might want to, in the name of good
will and cheer)

-Marcel aka maouse

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