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I got this 2 days ago.

                    ** Powers and Perils PBEM Player List **

     Alias/Player        Character Name     Type
       Email Address                     Status/Notes
     Scott Adams             Xian          Wizard
       pnpgm at    Human Male    Normal
     Ryan Torres             Farseeker     Warrior
       No email local        Human Male    Normal
     Orion (no real name)    Trembyl       Fighter
       No email local        Human Male    Normal
     Tom Crockett            Caladan       Unknown
       crockett at   Human Mela    Normal
     Lyman R. Hampton        Kaylle        Scholar
       spryte66 at   Faerry Male   Normal
     Greg Reid/Terijon   Bertram Forrester Bandit
       di408 at     Human Male    Normal
     Tim Falkenberg      Malradh ben Kasha Unknown
       Malradh at   Human Male    Normal
     Balrog                  Balrog        Warrior
       None                  Human Male    Normal
     Wayne Richardson/Uji    Thig          Magic User
       nori at          Faerry Male   Normal
     Frank Torres            Unknown       Unknown
       lycosa at      Dwarf  Male   Normal
     Wout Broere             Unali         Ninja
       zovaster at   Human  Female Normal
     Franseco B./Bondo       Valgor        Noble
       frbons at         Human  Male   Normal
     Burton Choinski         Cholan        Unknown
       choinski at TIAC.NET     Human Male    Normal
     Bob Eldred/Nomad        Damon         Unknown
       No email - Full npc   Human Male    Normal
     NPC Fighter             Dias          Fighter
       No email              Human Male    NPC
     NPC Fighter             Triest        Unknown
       No email              Human Male    NPC
     NPC Noble               Aren Solest   Duke Noble
       No email              Human Male    Normal
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's
              Tikil (Cholan's Ferret) (in bag)
     Lurkers: List Site owner and three person reading list.

     Powers & Perils Web Page - for some who might want it:


     Game Web Site - For updates, files, links, etc.


     Private emails (not public actions) to pnpgm at
     Game Update #51 in sequence (file #181)

     Admin note:  Still had some behind the scenes stuff to do from
     at least two players.  Wonder where Greg and Thig are these
     days?  Oh well time to move on.

     This update:  For all - New Stuff

        ****> Group 6 merges back with Group 3....

        Current Group Status: (*Original Groups*)
          Group 1 - North Side of City Margins of Shimana
            Kasha, Dwarf, Kaylle, Valgor,  Cholan, The Dogs
          Group 2 - Enter shimans - check on Wave Dancer (Docks)
            Balrog, Triest, Damon
          Group 3 - Enter Town find agent
            Caladna (Firesnake), Aren, Unali, Farseeker,
            Dias, Xian, Trembyl
          Group 5 - Bertram's group
            Bertram, Thig (unknown location)

        From Burton: [Re: Group Activity]
          Sorry my team is doing nothing.  I suppose I could RP
          playing cards or something in off times, but I'm content
          to sit and watch, and react when something heats up in
          our area.
        GM: Yeah sorry too. Its best to have the dwarf and fae
          outside the town so your doing a good job in itself
          and there will be plenty of time as a party to do
          things later on.  In fact, its sooner than I thought
          due to some good thinking on some players here :)

        From Burton: [Re: GM typos]
          > [A few months later Unali comes walking up shocked to
          *heh* I hope you meant "moments" there. :)
        GM: Yes that was a silly mistake on my part guess I
          was real tired that night :).

     [New Stuff - current situation]

        [Quick Recap Timeline]
        Time: 5:15-5:30pm currently...

        Just a quick note.  The events at the apple stand actually
        occured before update #49 (ie hearing the music that
        is currently.  I just did that as a post active event).

        [Meanwhile Group 2 - Damon's [Docks]]

        [Damon and the others finish their stew when they spot
        a familar face come on deck of the Wave Dancer.  Its

        Damon: "There..there is Seyed.  It looks like hes
          safe and just busy with the ship.  I suppose this
          means the ship hasn't at least been captured.  I
          suppose he docked without any incident."
        Balrog: "So now what...the ship is we
          go find Cholan? Or do we try to get on board?"
        Damon: "Good question...not sure how this city
         is during dark ..but that leaves us at least
         an hour or two more to decide.  Then when
         it gets dark we can head north to find Cholan
         and at least let the others know."
        Balrog: "But it might not be safe here..."
        Damon: "True..let's find a quiet alley or corner
          we can stick to."

        [Meanwhile Group 5 - Bertram's...[Tavern]]

        [Its been about 45 minutes now Bertram has
        been talking to the Guards.  They have lessened
        their tension and restraint and have become a lot
        more friendlier.]

        [Meanwhile Group 1 - Cholan's....[Hiding]]

        [The dwarf is soundly sleeping as well as
        Valgor is taking a nap at this time to rest up.]

        [Meanwhile in Group 3 - Aren's]

        [The group walks toward the shoreline all the while
        Aren, Unali and Xian were congregated a bit
        during the trip but Aren mingles with the group
        most of the way.  Tension stirs in the group as
        the moment becomes close to meet the agent.
        Farseeker and Dias seem to be the most nervous of
        the group and slightly on edge for some reason.]

        [The party seems to have walked about 15-20 minutes
        now and traveled at least 1.5 to 2 miles from the
        city.  The closest building is a old one room hovel
        from some peasant that may still live there but
        is unclear.  No one was seen during the travel
        aside from sea gulls and other birds.]

        [The sound of the flute wafts in the air and the
        group starts to home in on it.]

        Farseeker: "Trembyl this illusion how long does it
        Trembyl: "Not long we'll have to be quick in our

        [Suddenly dias huffs and the party notices his pack is
        on the ground and things have spilt out]
        Dias: "Sorry it fell..." [Dias cleans up the gear
        while looking toward the shoreline and glancing
        back at the direction of the city]

        Xian: "We'll stop...wait"
        Dias: "No don't stop on my account...I'll catch up"
        Aren: "Nah ..its no big deal.."
        [Dias cleans up the rest of his gear and starts
        walking again with the party]

        Aren: "Now remeber let's not have any weapons out
         or in hand.  He'll take it as a hostile action"
         [Aren says to all]
        Xian: "Good idea..."

        [A few minutes later the part can see a figure leaning
        up against a limestone 'rock' that is the height of
        a tall dwarf at best.  Its a human who is playing
        a flute.  The person has not detected anyone at this
        time.  The party notices a lot of tracks in the
        areas they travel.  The boy did say teens and young
        folk use this area as a sort of lovers area.]

        [The cliff up ahead is only about 5 feet from the
        human and you can see the sea below.  At this angle
        and distnace your not sure of how high it is though]

        [Farseeker clanks his sword in a form of attention
        getter against his other metal objects and it startles
        the human.]

        [The human stops playing and quickly stands to his feet.
        He has no weapons on him that are obvious and he
        fits the full description with eye patch and all.  This
        must be him].

        [Aren dons a cloak around his head - unsure as to why
        the other members think]

        Farseeker: "hmm..excuse us.."
        Human: "huh? ..what ..who are you?" [he eyes the group
          and sizes everyone up]
        Xian: "We are friends...we seek a person that we believe
          to be you.  Do you recognize this?" [He points to
        [Trembyl hand covered on his other hand casts the illusion]
        [The 'ring' appears on his finger and he holds it up for
        the human to see.  The human eyes it but is at least 3
        feet so gets a bit closer and then a sign of acknowledgement
        yet risk dons on his face]

        Human: "'s..."
        [Aren uncovers his head and reveals himself]
        Human: "Your..duk..your name is .." [he stops before he
         speaks cautionsly not to give his position away]
        Aren: "Yes...I am Duke recognize me?" [The
         human hesitates and nods.] "As my comrade Xian has stated
         we are friends.  Do you recognize the ring?" [Aren
         brings attention back to the ring before the illusion
        Human: "Yes...then you must be on for a particular reason.."
        [Then a sign of horror or sadness comes upon his face]
        "No!..the king didn't send another party did he?!" [Trembyl
        notices the illusion fades and 'puts' the ring in his
        pocket to 'hide' it.

        Aren: "Another party?"
        Human: "You mean you don't know? Your the third party to
          come here in the last two months..very unusual and
          very .." [he stops and his hand moves from his flute
          to drop it to the grounad and in a flash he grabs
          a dagger from his back side and charges Dias!]
        [Dias reacts as well and now has a sword in his hand]
        [Instantly Aren side steps.  Xian grabs his war Staff
        and heads for Dias.  Farseekr looks puzzled.]
        [What seems like years in a slow time slowly it seems
        the Agent and Dias charge each other.  Xian tries
        to intercept.  Unali closes in as well.]
        [Before anyone can react Dias swings at the agent
        wildly but the agent is able to dodge and quickly
        side swings his dagger at Dias who is knocked back
        but still on his feet.  The Agent turns around
        back to the shore and Dias charges again as
        the Agent backs away.  Xian swings at Dias but
        Dias's fast charge makes the blow miss.  Dias meets
        The agent who grab's dias's right arms twists him
        around and with a swift kick kicks him forward but
        in this case forward is toward the cliff.  The
        agent slips on the edge but tries to move away
        now only less than a foot.  Unali closes in with
        Aren as well but things are occuring so fast its
        hard to keep track of ...the agent kicks again
        and the agent loses his ground and falls!]

        [Everyone gets to the edge to look down only taking
        one or two seconds.  Suddenly a yell from below
        comes from a familar voice..but not Dias's]

        "Hey guys i can't hold...hes!"
        [Everyone sees Thig!  Hes trying to hold on to
        Dias but dias is flailing and trying to break free
        or at least gain control of the situation.  The
        problem is a faerry is no match for the weight
        of a human so its a certainity that Thig will drop

        [All of this occured within 3-4 seconds and was
        too quickly for anyone to react due to positioning
        aside from the above.]


        Xian: "I can help..but" [he looks at the group]
          "do we want him alive? ...I can levitate"
          [Xian quickly states]
        Dias tries to punch Thig but Thig is using a cliff
          side as leverage to hold on to Dias.  At least
          you know where Thig is now he must've been trailing
          everyone through the town].

        Update friday/saturday.
        Remeber questions to the agent can be given as well.

 The Cliff is about 40-50 feet below

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