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t 08:39 AM 10/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I have been thinking about that also, and came up with another exp. giving
>idea. I add to my game, Fortune Points. What I do is give some points out
>that allow them to do some things here or there.

I have a similar generic system that I adapt to each system.  In P&P case I
the generic point table I have devised like good rolepling is 2 points superb
5..voices is 1 more..etc basied on a table i use.

>These points can be used as such:
>Once per session, one FP can negate an abysmal failure.
>FP's can be used to have enviroment settings set they way they need to have
>them, so that they can do some good roleplaying. My discretion(sp?) of

I don't believe though a  failure like that or 'messing with fate' can be done
just with jossing some points around.  Seems unfair.  I mean a abysmal should
be just that and should flow with the game.

>Can spend 10 FP's to get one character point to spend anywhere.
>Can spend a number of points, discussed with me, to help in creating a
>specific item. (and of course some rping to get the necessary components)

I use the mep formula for 25 points 1 CP since in a typical session a player
might get up to 10 if he is doing a real good game or as little as 1 or 2.

>Some times will allow points to be spent to help save their lives.

Again some systems use this as well.  I believe one was Fantasy hero where you
can give a point to correct a critical hit.  To me again a bit unfair it
seems.  So I tend not to do it.

>Things like this is what I have been tyring to do, so that they will RP
>better and more. It has been working out fairly well.

Most of my players like the system i use with some tweaking but it works...


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