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Hello all, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster...

The way I see it is that roleplaying itself is a reward, and using "fortune
points" or some derivitive takes away from that.  Maybe a better reward
would be giving them certain advantages because they roleplay.  A reward
would then become finding a fence for a theif, or meeting a master of some
arcane language for a scholar.  In terms of stats it does not give them
anything, and it does not give them more luck, but instead adds more depth
to their roleplaying.

Like lets say someone was playing a warrior and was doing a good job at role
playing... I think it would be great to have him maybe meet a captain of the
city guard at some pub who finds the character interesting and offers a deal
on some weapons that the city uses.  Something like that just opens up
another avenue for role play instead of letting the player say "ok, I am
going to use a fortune point to get myself out of this jam".

In any case, I believe in rewarding role play with more role play, and the
"reward" should be up to the GM and not the player.

Not to mention it can also enhance the story line when the players get in a
jam and one of the characters says "let me talk to a friend of mine, he
might be able to help us out".

Anyway, just my thoughts.


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>Just some opinion seeking.
>P&P as we know uses a system of only combat and magic/skill use experience.
> Alot of systems allow for experience through role-playing and other
>aspects.  I know for I run about 26 other systems :).
>Do you guys give experience for good roleplaying?
>I think players deserve some bonus for things like that but the way
>P&p is structured doing it for cep is weird and mep is weirder :)

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