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Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Fri Oct 22 02:04:07 CEST 1999

I needed some random npcs today for something upcoming in teh game.
Reading the charts and writting it down is one thing.  But having it come
in seconds is another.  So I did a quick P&P Npc generator for myself.  It
creates any number of npcs (probably safetly up to 32,000 :).  And outputs
it to a file.  Its not elaborate since it was only a 15 min work.  Anyways
if you guys want it or (wout if you wna tit for your site) holler and I'll
email it to you.  I'll put it on my web site too this weekend.

Here is a sample notes/output

For the attributes used simple 1-20 plus Human racial/gender factors
Bonuses from the Stats, CEL based on random CEP (1-1200 CEP points)
OCV/DCV, MR, ENl, Dodge Value, DTV and CDF determined by normal formula
MDV assumes no magic users MEL,  Combat EL based on random d10 (1-10)
Sex 75% chance for male and 25% for female.
Notes could be for gear and armor ac, WSBs

Sample output..

Npc Generation for 2 npcs

Npc #1    Str:13 Sta:12 Dex: 5 Agi:10 Int: 8 Wil: 9 Elo:17 Emp:12 Con: 9
           SB: 0 StB: 0 DB :-1 AB : 0 CB : 0 Ap :10
          CEL: 3   CEP: 343   OCV:3 DCV:2   Combat EL:10   MR:10
          EnL:18   Dodge Value:0   MDV:3   DTV:0   CDF:1    Sex:Male
Npc #2    Str:14 Sta:15 Dex: 5 Agi: 5 Int: 7 Wil: 8 Elo:12 Emp: 8 Con: 5
           SB: 0 StB: 0 DB :-1 AB :-1 CB :-1 Ap : 8
          CEL: 1   CEP:  56   OCV:1 DCV:-1   Combat EL:9   MR:9
          EnL:13   Dodge Value:0   MDV:2   DTV:0   CDF:1    Sex: Male


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