Ashipu Powers: Dispersion and Damnation

Tim Falkenberg falkenberg at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Thu Feb 11 00:31:11 CET 1999

While developing a number of Priests for a temple (can't say too much
about it as Paul Ming, one of my players, reads this list), I noticed
that two of the Ashipu powers are not present in the Priesthood II
article (Dispersion and Damnation).

Also not present is the explanation of the Offensive and Healing
Powers division, although I assume that generally the Ashipu take the
Offensive and the Qadishtu take the Healing unless there are only
Qadishtu (as in L'p'nth and Clima) in which case both sets of powers
are present in that group (never both in one individual though, unless
they pay double for apprenticeship).

My question is whether Heroes Magazine ever released this data missing
from the article.  If so, in which issue and can someone post the data
to this list?  If not, has anyone developed these powers?

Tim Falkenberg.


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