Lyman R. Hampton spryte66 at USWEST.NET
Sun Dec 19 21:24:12 CET 1999

Characteristic points gained in combat is covered in 3.312 on pg 38 of
book 1. Those gained casting magic is covered in 3.412 on pg 39. For
both, I have always tallied the points, CEP seperately from MEP, for the
encounter. If you fought a Great Sepent and Great Apes, you would tally
the points for all creatures the character fought. In combat, it is 1
characteristic point per 50 CEP or portion thereof, minimum gain is 10
points to receive a characteristic point. For every 25 MEP, or portion
thereof, you gain 1 characteristic point that can be spent on any stat
other than strength, agility or any unmodifiable characteristic.


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