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<< >As we played you just kept track of the points gained on the side of the
 >char sheet.  Once you got a multiple of 50 (or 25) earned, you erased it and
 >left the remainder to acumulate, but spent the earned points then.
 Hmm...but like he said seems a bit unfair..I mean you could then just
 challenge some kid get a point..do it again point..etc etc..:) >>

Hmmm.... I think I know what Burton is talking about... we did something 
similar in our game....  (although I'm not sure I know where this 
reference keeps coming from...?)

Basically, when you acquired Combat Experience Points (CEP), we'd keep track 
of them in a "pool" of points... every time a multiple of 50 was reached, 1 
Characteristic Point would be earned.  If an encounter gave 163 CEP, then 3 
CP would be gained, with 13 of the original 163 CEP being "held over" for 
next time...

Matijs mentioned that this is not very economical, I believe... however, I 
personally find it more realistic.  I don't know that a low-CEP encounter 
would be deserving of CP gain, really....?  I would think that if a creature 
is that easy to kill, you're not really bettering much, are you?

Het spijt me, mijn vriend... maar... misschien ik ben niet zo aardig zoals 
je?  (Sorry for my bad Dutch... my Nederlandse mother would probably not be 
too happy with my grammar!)  ;-)


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