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Fri Aug 20 00:03:46 CEST 1999

Wout Broere wrote:

> >Knowledge spell do you think this is a fair spell I mean you can use it to
> >up some spells pretty good.  And all wizard's get it.  Yes at EL0 its every
> >15 days but still ...comments? :)
> And in campaigns you often wish to reserve it for when you might
> suddenly need to cast a Knowledge spell, instead of having to wait the two
> weeks before you can cast it safely. And in a purified area btw.
> Actually casting the spell you want to increase your EL in has more effect
> than casting Knowledge. It only yields 1D6+EL expt. So it might help to
> learn low cost spells? At EL5 Knowledge costs 15 Mana. It gains 1D6+5, say
> 9 expt. You can cast 15 El0 Healings instead for 15*BMC*2 = 30 expt.

Sure, but in at least one campaign I have had my PCs realize that the
way to increase Knowledge is to use (cast) it.  It made for a nice
bonus here and there along the way for other spells, but it really
their Knowledge el, which of course, made it all the more effective to
and increased the frequency it could be used.  I don't consider it a
but it can certainly have an impact, particularly if you consider the
of an item which casts the spell every x days...the PCs will constantly
"training" points even on the road, and if they do actually train they
gain even more for their training time.


Charles S Remis

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