Wout Broere w.broere at CT.TUDELFT.NL
Wed Aug 18 08:51:09 CEST 1999

>Knowledge spell do you think this is a fair spell I mean you can use it to
>up some spells pretty good.  And all wizard's get it.  Yes at EL0 its every
>15 days but still ...comments? :)

We never had problems with it. It is only used sparingly to gain
information from the supernatural forces or to learn spells you can't cast
yet. And in campaigns you often wish to reserve it for when you might
suddenly need to cast a Knowledge spell, instead of having to wait the two
weeks before you can cast it safely. And in a purified area btw.

Actually casting the spell you want to increase your EL in has more effect
than casting Knowledge. It only yields 1D6+EL expt. So it might help to
learn low cost spells? At EL5 Knowledge costs 15 Mana. It gains 1D6+5, say
9 expt. You can cast 15 El0 Healings instead for 15*BMC*2 = 30 expt.

But I think every spell can be abused in some way by overusing it,
especially if players use it in situations they know the DM can't handle
the effects properly and has his story ruined, or plainly dislikes the use
of that very spell. Invisibility and Fascination top our list of problem
spells. If you let the interpretation of what you can do with those spells
stretch a bit, they become extremeley powerfull at almost no casting cost
at all.

But then again this is near the point where roleplaying becomes rollpalying.


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