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Tue Aug 10 18:03:02 CEST 1999

Greetings all!

I have been having a fairly busy summer working for the Department of
Forestry (Indian and Northern Affairs) designing a database and
working in a district office helping to organize the logistics of
firefighting.  Long days...  As Mr. Ming said, we've been involved in
a Basic D&D campaign (Heavy on the house rules) and are just starting
a Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign (a short one as Paul is off to school
soon.  So sad).  My P&P projects have been gathering dust for the last
couple of months while I've been working on my family tree stuff but I
hope to get back to them after the fire season is over (and the
teaching season begins again!).



It's not whether you get knocked down.  It's whether you
get up again.
--Vince Lombardi

---"Lyman R. Hampton" <spryte66 at USWEST.NET> wrote:
> Hey!
>         Been doing okay...have been running a couple of P&P
> games....mercs in the Fomorian Kingdom of Aredan fighting against the
> Shurikal tide of Kotothi worshippers with 5 players...and during a
> little hiatus I've been running a couple of mages in the Rogizini
> Empire...all this while playing in 2 other RPG campaigns, a Deadlands
> game(horror western) and a game that was created by one of my friends
> that kinda reminds me of Torg, at least in this current campaign.
>         Not much else, except working and sweating out the summer.
> Lyman

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