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Your interpreting it right. That's why you have to make a success roll for the
language first, and if that fails, the spell automatically fails, and you still
lose the mana as if you cast the spell.


Matijs van Zuijlen wrote:

> Being from Mathijs's group, I was wondering about these supernatural
> languages. We interpret them as being rather powerful. If, for example, you
> have EL5 in a spell, then the language allows you to cast it at EL6, and it
> reduces the casting cost. Question is, to what casting cost should the
> reduction formula be applied? We interpret that as the casting cost for EL5,
> yielding a very low cost for an EL6 effect. Not meaning to make my own
> magic-user less powerful, how do other groups interpret this rule?
> Matijs (not Mathijs).
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> >>     How extensive to you keep to the supernatural languages? Sometimes
> I'm
> >>very lax and other times its required for some things but to 'obtain'
> spells
> >>from languages is kinda weird at times for me to run.  Comments?
> >>
> >I am quite rigorous in using them. It gives the magic user great power at
> >less cost and quicker casting time (high EL effects within one phase).
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     Ok.  You see it in movies..shows..all the time the guy gives a good
slap/punch to the face and the guy is out.  Well in rpgs this doesn't always
'work' :).  So how do you guys deal with the knock out blow if that's =

Scott Adams

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