Sci-Fi P&P??

Tim Falkenberg falkenberg at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 11 00:45:45 CET 1998

> >PaPF>     I am curious if anyone out there has thought of (or
> >PaPF> done) making a science fiction version of P&P?  I have been
> >PaPF> around the idea for a few weeks now, and things are starting to
> >PaPF> settle in my brain.  I might just give it a shot here.
> >PaPF>     Anyone interested or have any ideas?

 It sounds interesting...  Linda and Burton's suggestion using the
Perilous Lands would help to maintain the atmosphere of the Fantasy
game.  There might have to be some limitation on off-world activity.
Exploring space would, I think require throwing out much of Perilous
Lands and creating an entirely new setting.  The religion and magic
would not necessarily have to be thrown out - depending on the "feel"
of the game you want to play - space opera or solid science fiction.
Both definitely have some merit!  I think my preference would be the
space opera - along Linda and Burton's lines.  Add some psionics, toss
most of the countries and cultures, add a bunch more, and throw in
some technology.  You could be left with a science fantasy that might
make for some compelling play...

Tim Falkenberg.
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