Sci-Fi P&P??

Burton & Linda Choinski choinski at TIAC.NET
Tue Nov 10 01:02:24 CET 1998

>PaPF>     I am curious if anyone out there has thought of (or actually
>PaPF> done) making a science fiction version of P&P?  I have been tossing
>PaPF> around the idea for a few weeks now, and things are starting to
>PaPF> settle in my brain.  I might just give it a shot here.
>PaPF>     Anyone interested or have any ideas?

Actually, as a sort of side to this question, I am currently running a
modified Silhouette system (used by Heavy Gear) in a world where most of the
world's surface is under a thick layer of ozone, clouds and mist.  The
people live on plateaus high above the mists (Yea, idea borrowed from
Niven's "A Gift from Earth"). The plateaus and cultures are, oddly enough,
based on the Lands perilous (granted, since it is a SF based came must of
the magic and religion is chucked, save some worships of Invincible Overlord
who rules all.  Oh, and they use airships made from gravity defying wood
(The Korchi Airfleet is quite nasty). Airship idea stolen from Space: 1889.
:)  It's swords and blasters, but the cultures are pretty much taken right
from the lands, with some tweaks (I had to work on my own numbers for
    -- Burton

Burton & Linda Choinski

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