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PaPF> Wow! 13 rounds just dodging each other, these guys must be really fana
PaPF> But it must be a little boresome as well. I guess they deserved it, th
PaPF> won't repeat the trick too often. I hope.

     Yes they were in killing each other.  I tend to avoid those type of
situations that take stalemates dodge/parry/dodge out with tricks and other
devices of GM play.  Its not as bad as some game systems though that require
that kinda of thing.  I know one game that you could go easilly 10 min in 1
combat round and just doing stuff like that :).

PaPF> I am quite rigorous in using them. It gives the magic user great power
PaPF> less cost and quicker casting time (high EL effects within one phase),
PaPF> secondly, I like my magic user NPC's to be "specialists." I think it's
PaPF> of cool to have a darkness-magician NPC, or a hell-powers-wizard NPC,
PaPF> example. The language and the power it conveys give me a clue about th
PaPF> NPC's character and behavior. So in a way, I 'obtain' the spells from
PaPF> languages, by choosing roughly 80% of the spells the NPC knows, from o
PaPF> language.

     This is how I use them as well.  I use them mainly for npcs.  But for pcs
they aren't used as often.  Because they tend to be forgotten on the sideline.

PaPF> Yeah, last time I used it, it yielded a pack of wolves trying to feast
PaPF> the players' horses while they were sleeping. That was fun. The progra
PaPF> especially handy for city encounters, because I always tend to forget
PaPF> these questions "are the players physically intimidating? are they ric
PaPF> they strangers to the town?" and so on. Last two sessions, I didn't us
PaPF> At the moment, the players are in a very civilised little county of a
PaPF> civilised little kingdom, and the only encounters they have, are plann

     Cool.  I don't get feedback on it so just curious if it was useful or not
to some GMs.  If anyone needs any other pnp related simple progs I could
probably think about them.  Ya know I did a map editor that would work good
with a rpg.  I'll have to adapt it.  Right now its mainly for a door game but
it can do maps and such easilly.  Maybe when I get time I'll sit and finish my
web pages and put it online.  I know its on one web site though already.

Just gotta get time to finish my web pages :)

>     Been awhile since we typed to each other :)
PaPF> Nice typing to you again!

You too!

Scott Adams
aka Longshot (sometimes I sign it this and not the real name..oppsie)

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