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PaPF> Being from Mathijs's group, I was wondering about these supernatural
PaPF> languages. We interpret them as being rather powerful. If, for example
PaPF> have EL5 in a spell, then the language allows you to cast it at EL6, a
PaPF> reduces the casting cost. Question is, to what casting cost should the
PaPF> reduction formula be applied? We interpret that as the casting cost fo
PaPF> yielding a very low cost for an EL6 effect. Not meaning to make my own
PaPF> magic-user less powerful, how do other groups interpret this rule?

I also see it as somewhat powerful.  I'd have to look at the rules for them
again to see the reduction formula to give a answer on that.  But I tend to
bend the uses by thinking if your going to obtain spells from a supernatural
source (say a god) then he might have some say in it :)..and sorta twist things
around in use at times if its abused.  :)

Scott Adams

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