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he> Hi Burt (cc: P&P Mailing List),

he> For the next couple of weeks, I'm reviewing my old P&P stuff in

Welcome to the list guy.  Where you located in europe?

he> of the old GURPS system.

he> 1. Catastrophe Example. One point: I believe "Catastrophes" should
he> always be bad. Your wording of the example seems to indicate that the
he> Fierazi get a 10 % BONUS (it should be the Djani's who got that

Most of your points I'd agree with.  The pcs and heroics do come into play and
no matter the amount of mass combat rules the GM is the last person to decide
teh fate of the battle based on heroics.  So theres no real good way to
enumerate it to rules and numbers :).

he> 3. Monsters and Magic in Battles

he> I'm experimenting with allowing Wizards to affect the battle
he> directly, similarly to fighters using their CEL, but this must be

Magic can be done just like player interaction.  I have in the past given a
'level' to the battle based on a rough formula of the participants and such (ie
CELs of commanders, etc.) and just assume a wizard must be near this level to
be effective.  A MEL1 wizard will do very little in a average battle :).  Many
of the mass/range effect spells can do very big effects in a battle.  I would
use the n ormal pc rules/combat system for it.

As to monsters I would use them as a player character as well of sorts assuming
they are under their own free will.

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