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li> There were come troop strength nothes for advanced things like guns
li> and helecopters,but I did not put them through. :)  That is an
li> interesting idea, though, figure out abstractions for naval war.
li> Aerial is uncommon enough that Naval would be more pressing.

Well naval would be good for pnp and aerial does occur if you have say
creatures that fly like Faerry or winged horses and such.  But I guess you
could use the 'normal' combat rules for aerial since it is more rare.

li> There was some notes for non-human modifications, and for
li> supers...I'll put the next mailing on it (probably tomorrow or so).


li> They probably go under the heading as scouts as well.  Perhaps worth
li> 2-to-1 Aerial maps.

hmmm not sure on that one.  Yeah a faerry makes a great battlefield
reporter/scout but they also are nice bombers :).

li> *nod*  I would put that in the misc ads to the battle roll.
li> Remember, it should be somewhat abstract. I don't know what bonus a
li> "bux" vs a "Dressed line" wouldgive.

It was just a suggestion.  The Box is useful against calvary charges and is a
big time defense bonus but offense its lower bonus.  Dressed line is more
offensive and less defenseive.  A box Formation tends to stay 'up'.

li> Again, covered under misc, but if we could come up with good number
li> guidelines between us, all the better.

That's true...well weather

This is a rough draft but
Fog could be a -1 to rolls
Light Rain -1
Mod rain -2
Heavy rain -3 and a Movement penalty
Cold, Heat...
Smoke could be a -3 for some forces especially bowmen.  etc..

li> Wout can fit it all in and insert the changes on his army page. :)
li> "The Armies of Lands Perilous" :)

oh yes..the Mighty Wout :)

li> The orgininal rules had a "Battle" skill that was the average of
li> Tactics and Weapon skill. Since CEL is a good part of this I just
li> used it.  I could see adding 1/3 (round down) shield skill or
li> something.  My players in group #1 won't get involved in battles
li> (yet), group #2 in Marentia might.  If anyone can playtest their more
li> agressive warmongers or those hoping to carve out their own empire,
li> go to it. :)   -- Burton

     That's acceptable.

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