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sc>   Where in Egyptian mythology does a fight between Set and a warrior
sc> god take   place?  Set and Horus.  Perhaps, in the Perilous Lands,
sc> Set is victorious,   slays Horus and takes over as ruler of the
sc> Egyptian Pantheon.  Over the   centuries, the other gods are probably
sc> slain (perhaps even Set's wife   Nephyths, who might side with her
sc> sister, Isis), although Ptah is allowed to   escape and throw his lot

I know there was...I watch alot of the TLC type history shows...they have one
on Egypt very recently...but the one show I remeber maybe last year the guy did
talk about potential 'god' wars the people believed in.  And thsoe names are
very familar.  So it might have occured....

sc>   This leads to all sort of ideas about the fabled unknown "great
sc> treasure" of   the Robari.  Perhaps a great lost temple to the
sc> Egyptian Pantheon, which now   resembles a mountain among many,

You have a good point...could be a good thing to look into....

sc>   If I find the time to develop this idea, I'll post stuff to the
sc> list or to   Wout for the web page.  Any ideas or comments?

Sounds interesting as always to see.

I wish someone had typed/scanned in the gods and maybe did a cosmology on them
from the pnp books.  Titles help but you know to get a idea of the little
things would help...which AH did that cosmo book ...sigh

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