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Scott Cohan scott.cohan at SSA.GOV
Tue Mar 17 13:27:00 CET 1998

  Looking through the god list, I noticed a curious thing:  Among the Egyptian
  gods, only two are present -- Set and Poteh (Ok, admittedly, Poteh is a
  pre-egyptian carryover, but he still shows up as Ptah).  What happened to the
  other gods?  Luckily, we have a in-game reference that we can use to help us.
  {Please note that in my campaign, I have changed some of the god's names, so
  bear with me if the book says Seth instead of Set, it's the same guy, trust

     "At the beginning of time, a warrior god was set upon by the demons of the
  desert and their master Set while beset on all sides.  In time he fell,
  mortally wounded."

  Where in Egyptian mythology does a fight between Set and a warrior god take
  place?  Set and Horus.  Perhaps, in the Perilous Lands, Set is victorious,
  slays Horus and takes over as ruler of the Egyptian Pantheon.  Over the
  centuries, the other gods are probably slain (perhaps even Set's wife
  Nephyths, who might side with her sister, Isis), although Ptah is allowed to
  escape and throw his lot in with the Gods of Balance.

  This leads to all sort of ideas about the fabled unknown "great treasure" of
  the Robari.  Perhaps a great lost temple to the Egyptian Pantheon, which now
  resembles a mountain among many, rather than the pyramid which it is.  If so,
  there would be great material wealth, but that would probably be the least of
  the treasures found there.  Imagine the magical knowledge that might be there.

  If I find the time to develop this idea, I'll post stuff to the list or to
  Wout for the web page.  Any ideas or comments?

  Scott Cohan

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