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*** Quoting w.broere at CT.TUDELFT.NL from a message to longshot ***

w.> Yes he is still alive, and slowly collecting a 2MB mailbox, as he
w.> still has a mail account, but has lost his login-permissions for the
w.> time being. So he has in effect removed himself from the online
w.> world. Oh, and he is trying to get back online 'any time soon'.
w.> Anything important to tell him? Tell me before friday and I'll tell
w.> him.

Yes he emailed me the other day!  So he seems alive.  Got a backlog of email
(like this one) to go over and reply to including his.

Thanks though!

>     interesting...e-magazine or simple setup?
w.> Just the simple photocopied and folded A4 to make a nice A5 sized
w.> booklet. It seems so much more handy to have it on paper during play.

And I know what A4 or A5 is?..oh yeah that's battleship game

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