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"B> Perhaps there, but I figured Goiden as one of the more likely places.

Goidan is a good place.  Islands are always full of things or trouble if the
party has no boat :)

"B> Mr (average) dragon has 24 armor, you do 1d8+1d4 with your long
"B> do the math. :) Actually, RQ had two special damage
"B> classes (Critical and special), while I only have one with my 2d10
"B> system, so I may hev to work something out on that.  Critica

That's true..I forgot about that...but you should be able to get around it with
some simple modifications.

"B> *shrug* It was more of a calibration excersize to gauge how well the
"B> system worked. However, I have always played Great Apes as a bit
"B> rash.

hehe...well in most evnirons they are ok to do that.  Jungle..heck who will
disagree.  But on the road I just don't see them jogging down, humming and then
attacking someone..unless the gods are cruel and its a prank session :)...

(that would be a fun adventure..a god doing pranks :))

"B> I need a bit of help first, for calibration.  I had to return all the
"B> P&P stuff (we have a groups set, but only single copies of some
"B> books) so I do not have a Book 1 handy.  If you could whip out the
"B> building costs (peasant hovel, etc) and land costs and send them to
"B> me that would be great,.     -- Burton

You can get them from a web site store...I forget which one but if you search
the old list archives there were disccusions of it.

oh sure...actually already have that (including the complete book 1 typed up
(yes all of it) for my current game...

let me find the gear list...


                          **** Equipment Information ****

     9.    Building/Property
        Average Property Type       Cost         Description
        Farmland                    1 SC      1 acre of farmland
        Forest                      2 SC      1 acre with good timber
        City Land                   3 GC      per 50 square feet
        Other Land                  2 CC      1 acre of marginal/poor land
        Hovel                       1 SC      15x15 foot, per story, land
                                              is extra, poorly constructed
        Peasant House               2 GC      20x15 feet, 1.5 story, with
                                              cellar, land included
        Small manor                50 GC      2 story with basement & land
        Noble House               100 GC      3 story with basement & land
        City Estate               250 GC      3 story with basement & land,
                                              1 story at least 100x50 feet
        City Palace              1000 GC      min. cost, 120x80 at least
        Country Estate           5000 GC      500 acres at least of land
        Inn or Hotel              x300

     Is that what you wanted?

Sorry for delay....

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