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Sat Jan 10 05:54:02 CET 1998

     Unless the rules state it we can assume the caster can't just 'stop' a
spell right?  It has to go through their duration.  Unless they try to dispell
their own stuff (I've NEVER had to deal with someone dispelling their own
spells).  I know there are some rules that say you can end it before duration.
But how do you guys deal with it?  Same basic rule.

     Hey Wout!  You scanned a ton of stuff.  Any advice for this newbie!?  I
just now fixed my scanner (had to get another unit after it didn't work) and th
esoftware conflicts.  Scanned a few minor things in (including a GM screen for
pnp).  JUST now about 5 min ago figured out I have to convert the files to text
or a bunch of other formats to get text files.  Any advice on the text file?
My first attempt was awful with margins and other things.  I think you scanned
your own stuff on the web page?

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