Larry D. Hols crkdface at PCPARTNER.NET
Mon Jan 12 09:25:57 CET 1998


>     Unless the rules state it we can assume the caster can't just 'stop' a
>spell right?  It has to go through their duration.  Unless they try to dispell
>their own stuff (I've NEVER had to deal with someone dispelling their own
>spells).  I know there are some rules that say you can end it before duration.
>But how do you guys deal with it?  Same basic rule.

        I've always called it that casters could stop minor spells
instantly because they still have a "connection" with the dweomer and it's
easy to undo the magical workings.  For major spells, however, unless the
description specified (and I happened to agree with it), they had to dispel
their own magic.


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