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||>How about anyone sharing their top characters..current
"B> adventures..anything?
"B> My group has not played in about a month -- holiday stuff getting in t
"B> way.  Hopefully we will be back to it.

Sigh..must be nice..I have to only play by echomail over my net like these
messages.  No time or for that matter players to play table top :).  Wish there
were a IRC session or soemthing someone could run then I'd drool first and then
play in a heartbeat :)

I always GM! at least this game.

I only played once when a player got his rules and well...he didn't have a good
grasp :)

"B> ||  The Campaign:  The Despicables  (moral code runs from black to gre
"B> I never had a group running as complete evil bastards yet.  I find it
"B> hard to sing to that level on demand.

I've probably done about 8 evil oriented games.  Its alot harder but the
morales are easier to control.  I mean kill everything in sight if you can get
away with it kinda thinking.  Whereas my normal 'good' playing has moral
conflicts.  You can get away with alot more in Evil type characters like
backstabbing and such.

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