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Scott Cohan scott.cohan at SSA.GOV
Tue Jan 6 16:16:30 CET 1998

>Boy the list died down..hopefully that's the holidays..its the new years..

>any new topics?

>How about anyone sharing their top characters..current adventures..anything?

  Yeah, well, I've been out of work and away from my email for two weeks (1 week
  daughter sick & 1 week Xmas 'vacation'), but I'll share with you my current
  campaign (which meets tonight, as a matter of fact).

  The Campaign:  The Despicables  (moral code runs from black to grey)

  The Party:
  Xaur Caldo, Caldan Mercenary
  Thurston, Ticasi Necromancer (yes, in a land where you can study any type of
     magic except Necromancy, he had to study Necromancy.  Needless to say, he
     is Persona Non Grata back home)  (Necromantic, Darkness, Chaining,
  P'er, Dirlla Duellist (your basic swashbuckler type, except he is a scoundrel
    who doesn't abide by the duelling code)
  Gh'an, Salaqi Terrorist  (Hates Donarans and has Animal Power: Mountain Lion)
  Sculler, Salaqi Healer (Also an empathic healer.  Saved from servitude by
  Zimariza Mullabi, Rogizini Mercenary w/ Physical Power (Actually a Climan
    Temple Guard who left her homeland to seek out the Donarans who led a raid
    which killed her parents at Fort Kira.  We make a lot of Xena jokes.
    Unfortunately, she has elements of her own government looking for her.)
  The Man With No Name, Rogizini Assassin  (He just gives out a different name
    everytime someone asks.  A foundling who was raised by The Silent Ones, a
    group of Assassins based in Tilal.  They are a small group, opposed to
    Allesandra)  He also has Fanatical Powers granted by Hecate (in my game,

  They started off in Caldo and went into the Elder Mountains, trying to track
  down a group of goblins who had carried off some people.  They managed to
  avoid most of the goblins and make straight for their leaders, a group of
  Daoine Sidhe.  They went in through the back way (through the outhouse
  sinkholes) and managed to free the prisoners without exploring the rest of the
  lair (so they missed all the good fighting and treasure) and fled.  Of course,
  the Daoine Sidhe quickly caught up to them with the aid of their Cu Sidhe
  trackers and send a group of goblins in to attack while they peppered the
  party with arrows.  (I was slowly intorducing them to the system, so these
  fights are not typical and slowly increase in difficulty, until they get used
  to it)  They killed the goblins and drove off the Daoine Sidhe.  A few hours
  later, the Daoine Sidhe drove a trio of Athach their way.  They managed to
  kill one and drive off the other two, although P'er did get bitten on the head
  by one of them.
     They returned the captives to Caldo and joined the celebration, but the
  notoriety caused their enemies to find them, as well as a patron.  Thurston
  received an invitation to travel to Porta to meet Baris the Black.  (to be
  recruited into the Black Ring).  So they took ship in Salaqara (where an enemy
  of P'er's caught up to him and left a threatening note) and travelled through
  the Rogizini Empire by ship, stopping at Shazizan for supplies.  The captain
  invited them to a party where the following happened in no particular order:
     Gh'an and P'er went out into the city, looking for trouble
     Zimariza got drunk and decided to wrestle all comers (won).
     Gh'an and P'er returned to the party, only to run into a Donaran who was
  looking for Gh'an.  P'er wounded (again) and Donaran killed.
     The Man With No Name went skulking around.
     Two Korchi Chaos Wizards and their bodyguards showed up at the party, much
  to the consternation of P'er, who went back to his lodging and got drunk.

  Anyway, most of the party impressed the captain, so he invited them to his
  private party the next night where there was a big drunken party with extra
  orgies on the side.  Zimariza took advantage of the party and ritually killed
  a man (it was a Climan Feast Day).  The rest enjoyed themselves.

  Tonight, we are travelling to Tilal, where the captain is going to find out
  what he can about The Man With No Name, and everyone is going to transfer over
  to a faster ship, so they can run through Bhamoti waters to get to Porta.

  What's really fun is that the two Korchi, their bodyguards, and the captain
  are former characters from an earlier game.  One of the Korchi is a Natural
  Magician, while the other is a Shadow Weaver.  The Captain is a secret priest
  of the Sand Claw.  When the party gets to Porta, A'Kien (the Korchi NM) will
  meet with Baris the Black and basically declare war on him.  Baris's attempts
  to kill A'Kien eventually attracts the ire of the Tavern Gang (when an inn
  explodes).  Eventually, a city-wide gang war breaks out.  A'Kien, who is
  trying to study, throws his book down in disgust and summons Demonic Locusts,
  which ravage the city (but make it quieter).  Since this happened in an
  earlier game, I though it would be fun to run characters so that they would be
  present during these events, but on the receiving end.  Especially for the
  Locusts attack.  Only two players from the old game are in the new game.
  A'Kien is now The Man With No Name, and the captain's boy is now Gh'an.  I
  talk with the player who played the captain, and he gives me a general idea of
  what he wants to do and how he would react, etc.

  Well, that's what has happened so far.  Any comments, suggestions?

  Scott Cohan

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