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cr>         Creatures and humans on the same chart?  I don't think that wo
cr> be feasible, at least if you're looking for a reasonably easy-to-use t
cr> One for critters and one for humans would be a much better bet.

That's what I meant.  Sorry.  One for creatures, one for smarter (Intelligent
creatures - dwarfs to dragons) then one for humans.  Maybe even one for
domesticated animals.

cr>         Well, that could be a small project to mollify my urge to do a
cr> whole new game....


cr>         He wanted to be able to power up a handful of trinkets and use
cr> those without tapping into his personal mana very often.  I mandated t
cr> he not only worry about creating the items and adhere to the letter of
cr> law in using them, but that he have to actively maintain them.  He fig
cr> he could just spend a bunch of time out of play making bunches of item
cr> then use them when he got around to it.  I told him he had to constant
cr> check the "charge" in each to check for "seepage" and spend time
cr> maintaining each item.  With one item, this would be inconsequential--
cr> wanted dozens of items, though.

     Yeah I've seen that tactic :).

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