Ship and Sailing in Perilous Lands

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sc>         Was it Wout?

No.  MV Tuynman on the pnp list.  I've not heard fom him since early summer.

sc>   Sure, no problem.  I'm in Springfield, VA (10 miles from DC) or with
sc>   zero of hte pentagon.  Actually, if you have a fax, I an send them t
sc>   way as well.  You're in Florida, right?  Shoot, if worst came to wor
sc>   could always Express Mail them down in a 2# envelope.  I do have the
sc>   page of the Priesthood article and what I copied from Wout's web sit
sc>   it's woefully incomplete.

I got my scanner but I've not installed it (the card).  I'll have to get tht
done sometime this week (by my dealer - I'm a programmer not a hardware tech).
When I get the scanner working and I can use it I'll get back with ya...
Jax, Florida yep.  It imght take a few weeks ..I'll get back to ya...

What were you going to send me? (I forgot now).  Well I do have a fax but never
received anything..soooo..not sure ...we'll work on that later when I'm ready.

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