Items to bounce around

Larry D. Hols crkdface at PCPARTNER.NET
Fri Dec 19 02:32:28 CET 1997


>        Well I was really asking a generic creature and human moreal
>    chart.

        Creatures and humans on the same chart?  I don't think that would
be feasible, at least if you're looking for a reasonably easy-to-use table.
One for critters and one for humans would be a much better bet.

> cr> I suppose this could all be worked into one table, with
> cr> skittishness at the base and the top end being over 100.  Large
> cr> predators would have modifiers to the roll (+50 or so in this case.)
>        Well if someone wants to work on that table :)....

        Well, that could be a small project to mollify my urge to do a
whole new game....

> cr> Nope.  I experimented with one, but the maintenance of it
> cr> proved too cumbersome for the player to bother with (he wanted
> cr> everything easy.)
>        Maint. in what way the generation of it or the feeding from it?
>        He was able to work it out nicely.  I'd have to dig out his
>        old player files to remeber exactly how he did it though.

        He wanted to be able to power up a handful of trinkets and use
those without tapping into his personal mana very often.  I mandated that
he not only worry about creating the items and adhere to the letter of the
law in using them, but that he have to actively maintain them.  He figured
he could just spend a bunch of time out of play making bunches of items and
then use them when he got around to it.  I told him he had to constantly
check the "charge" in each to check for "seepage" and spend time
maintaining each item.  With one item, this would be inconsequential--he
wanted dozens of items, though.


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