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*** Quoting "Choinski, Burt"  from a message to longshot ***

"B> To be honest, I made it up on the reply -- I have not used it yet at
"B> all.  If you have a chance to playtest it before I do, by all means
"B> let me know how it works (It should work best if you keep your own
"B> copy of the map book hidden with a sticky marker for their hex.  Let
"B> them move their marker on their map and fret when they don't hit land
"B> when they expected to, or end up facing some nameless coastline when
"B> they expected a port city. :)     -- Burton

Ahh..that's a good idea...since the game is online via echomail (like this) I
can do that easilly though.  They won't hit the ship part for sometime though.

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