Naval Ships and Tech discussion (LONG)

Tue Dec 2 14:56:29 CET 1997

Scott Cohan [SMTP:scott.cohan at SSA.GOV]

||  Yes, but what do you do if your players want to travel from Fort
Kira to
||  Clima?
||  It's established in the system that ships travel between Pelara and
||  across the open sea.

"Open sea hex where required, coastal hug if possible".  Each day in
open sea the navigator must roll 2d10 plus his Navigation skill -- A
roll of 18+ is needed to avoid any course drift.  If he rolls a 12-17 he
has low drift; 11 or less indicates high drift.

low Drift:  (roll 1d6)
   1-3  Move NW or SW one hex (north or south depending on previous
   4-6  Move NE or SE one hex (as above)

High Drift (roll 1d6)
   1 Move N one hex
   2 Move NE one hex
   3 Move SE one hex
   4 Move S one hex
   5 Move SW one hex
   6 Move NW one hex

||I had dabbled a bit with the Harn pilot's almanac, so some gems may be
||in there.  I was never able to convert it's numbers to P&P in a
||satisfactory way.
||   Are the numbers 'real world' numbers (knots, etc.), or are they in
the Harn
||   system?  (Never seen Harn, so I don't know)

To some degree.  There i a variety of ship designs, and a system for
constructing them.  I'm not saying the data could not be converted, I
just never had much need for it (mostly land-lubber players. :)
    -- Burton

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