Naval Ships and Tech discussion (LONG)

Tue Dec 2 13:38:23 CET 1997

Scott Cohan [SMTP:scott.cohan at SSA.GOV]
|| It's not so much that I object to the vast difference in tech levels,
it's that
|| some things in the game itself don't make sense with the ship tech as
|| namely, the distances that those ships must cross over open seas.
The trireme
|| is primarily a land-hugger, especially considering that it can only
hold 1 or 2
|| days worth of food for those onboard (and that's assuming extremely

When my players have been on boats I have always run the ship along the
coast (but then, they have never been the pilots of these boats).

||      It's my opinion that the creators of Powers & Perils simply
didn't know of
|| any pre-cannon ships except for triremes.  I've been trying to find
|| information on Roman-era ships (which I think would be just about
perfect), but
|| so far, no luck.  It seems to me that these would be just about
|| considering that they managed to fight a naval battle with Carthage,
so the
|| ships used should be just about right.

I had dabbled a bit with the Harn pilot's almanac, so some gems may be
in there.  I was never able to convert it's numbers to P&P in a
satisfactory way.
   -- Burton
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