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Tue Mar 10 01:19:03 CET 2020

Thanks to Alex for updating folks.

I had figured i may not have had time to do a post.  But i did iwht my sitrep.

So Sat we fly bro to orlando for this procedure only they cna do and 
it'll help him greatly!
We drive down to orlando.
Get there 10 or 11.
He is safe there.  But doc now tell us no procedure is NOT a given.
As implied by Jax hospital.
We were basically lied too.
Doc said due to kidney failure (jax hospital should've dealt with 
that preflight) it woud be a high risk surgery 50/50.
But there no guarantee of actual surgery as implied by jax hospital.
So we spend th enight.
Sunday morning nurse tells us the actual truth.
Surgery has to be evaluaged first.  They assess patient status and a 
comittee will vote on Thursday to do it.
Keep in mind htis is Sunday.
Quick fix valve Jax did only supposed ot last 3-4 days.
mitra-valve so damaged it was bleeding into lungs preflight.
By sunday.  Liver was also failing.
THe 3 core docs said it woulid be a 5/10% chanceof survival.
So we go from a sure thing good chance to
50/50 to 5/101.

Docs felt in is condition it owuld be futile.
No hope.  So that hope given to us by jax hospital was a lie.
If we had known it was 5/10 as docs in orlando said they should've told us...
we'd have stayed in Jax.
We  as faimly decided it was better to pull life support.
Took 15 min and he died peacefully @ 3:14.

Span...of 9amish Fri to 3pm Sunday ...54 hours..
So sudden.
So we are all in shock.
But for those who know of my dad's death in 2001 (Wout/Alex) I did 
takea short hiatus.
This game..this community helped to resolve mental loss..of the situation.
It helped to be distracted.
Forcing me to think of other stuff.
So I will be back..probably mid next week.
Friday is probably Friday.

Family setup a facebook fundraiser page for the wasted $.
LIfe Flight 300 mies alone will be thousands
and for no reason if we had been told truth.

Thanks for all your words.
It means alot.
Stay tuned.

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