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>From Gnorf:

“"They say she can't stay here.  Stealing is a serious offense.  So we are left with only 2 options.  Well...maybe 3.  She gets deported back to Harn with the others.  By our strong urging.  She goes with you and let you deal with her.  Finally she could be set free to survive on her own.  She would of course be given her weapons back – we aren't cruel. “  He stares at Dorhak.  “I personally don't care.  But we need to leave now since have long trek ahead."

Dorhak is developing a headache. He isn’t sure about this thieving human woman, or how to handle her.  He certainly doesn’t think it’s appropriate to simply let her go!  She’s a thief, after all.  What would keep her from continuing her ways?  What would change in her circumstances where she turned to this despicable behavior?

But even deporting her to this 'Harn' place seems cruel to this scruffy dwarf.  Ugly as he is, he still has a heart.

Gods!  That only leaves one other alternative.  A rather distasteful one.  Fortunately the Captain has an idea.

All of this passes through his mind in a flash.  This is a good thing as hesitation in Command makes the troop, and sailors, nervous.

To Gnorf, he says "We'll take care of her."

He turns around toward Z’leyra.  In Marentian "You!  You think we should help her, then you’re responsible for her.  If she steals again, you are responsible.  If she steps out of line, you are responsible.  Don’t be surprised if you are punished along with her if she messes up again.  Explain it to her."

he sighs heavily.  "For the trip over the mountain, she is to be treated as a prisoner.  She is to be bound during travel, and guarded.  We will all keep an eye on her as well as keep watch.  Her only time to be unbound is during meals."  He looks over at Arawn and continues "Assuming she might have some magical talent..." he waits for a nod or head shake from him "...then she will be gagged as well.  Watch her closely and give her no room for further, er, indiscretions.  When we get within sight of the Besamer kril, then we can decide if she continues on bound or freed."

"Understand, all of you.  I consider this distastefully lenient." 

ooc - I hope you all like this!  It’s fun role play.
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