[pnpgm] Sitrep

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Mar 8 01:23:08 CET 2020

Heres siitrep.

Fri my bro left work and is abou t90 min away in GA.
I got home JUSt as he drove up.
Feeling bad said couldn't feel leg.
We take ot clinic.
They find low blood pressure nad high sugar.
Clinic orders ambulance.
Heart Attack #1 in parking lot wiht ambulance.
#2 en route ot hospital
#3 arrival at hospital

Now ventricle muscle damaged.
Flying tonigh tto orlando from Jax
to do experimental surgery.
Risky stuff.
So NO clue how logn will be gone.
So yeah hiatus for game.
Hopefully Dorhak will decide on Tsiaa fate

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