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Dorhak makes this decision quickly, for two reasons.  He speaks the common language the best, plus, he's responsible for his crew.  Any penalty awaiting is his alone to endure.

in Marentian, he says "I’ll be going with them.  Raddok!  Will you hang onto my gear (sword, shield, and throwing axe), please?"  It’s more of an order.  "Z’leyra!  Keep these miscreants in line while I am gone.  If you don’t hear from me in, um".

He turns to Gnorf and asks in Dwarf Elder "how long will we be before I can report back to my crew?"

back to Z’leyra and Marentian "if you don’t hear back from me in <insert time here+1 hour>, then figure out a plan.  Preferably one that assumes I’m still alive and includes coming to get me.  Make sure you keep a guard up and don’t let them surprise you.  I have no idea how this is gonna go."

back again to Gnorf and Dwarf Elder "Shall we?  Wouldn’t want that ale to get too warm, now, would we?"
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